The most challenging task in catering is calculating the food portions for the number of guests and the type of event you have. The system tells me if a menu yields a decent profit. Even better, it generates a complete production and order list. All we have to do is enter the number of portions. Gut feeling is excellent for creating recipes, but unreliable when running a business.

You need accurate data like food costs, profit margins, food waste, stock status and value and procurement details.



You can just say, I need 2,500 boxes’ and it’ll spit out the food costs. And you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You can put all the boxes you want to offer on one menu, add quantities to them, and it’ll tell me exact food costs for the whole thing. You get a big help in minimizing waste, as you will be  able adapt production to hit exact orders easier. You can have vastly different order volumes each day while still being able to communicate clearly to the crew. You can now produce new products using excess inventory you wouldn’t have used otherwise.



Manage food costs and operations for all your locations via a centralised hub. 
Produce the right amount of food for each event, every time. Your greatest bottleneck to growth is managing operations and culinary. We streamline those processes so you can focus on improving and scaling your business, giving you an advantage over the competition. Fierce competition is challenging you to lower food costs and increase production. Galley puts you in complete control of your operation, enabling you to streamline and optimize every step of the food journey, from purchasing to production, and maximize profitability.



Create a sustainable business you’re proud of by minimising food costs. Thousands of ingredients? No problem. Connect vendors for real-time food costing, develop high-margin recipes and increase the profitability of your menu. Produce more efficiently than ever. Open new channels and revenue opportunities with a few clicks rather than getting buried by data entry.