Making Data Work For You

recipe costing


The cost of food has a large bearing on the profit margins of restaurants.

At the heart of any F&B business are the recipes. We have simplified the complete process of managing various recipes which are there on your menu or you plan to introduce soon. Our dynamic pricing can predict the outlet profitability which can be used as a measure for your business. We provide you with a Centralised Recipe Management, Yield Management & Food Costing. This is a dynamic tool which uses current procurement prices to generate the data. Optimize your pricing and menu mix, by sales channel to maximize profitability.


The Data’s In The Details

Inventory reports help you minimize waste by maintaining optimal stock levels. Using real-time forecasting data ensures that your order timing is precise. Always know what should be on the shelf to prevent over-portioning, waste, and theft. Make and manage purchases from a desktop computer, smartphone, or any other internet-connected device. Save time, avoid surprises, and track orders with ease. Manage the overall circulation of raw materials from the Base Kitchen to the various restaurant outlets easily.

kitchen inventory
kitchen management


Expert Guidance

Take complete control from procurement to distribution. If you have many outlets being served from a central kitchen, you can control the profitability of each outlet. Manage the stock transfers or raw material transfers from commissary to outlet kitchen. Track the wastage & returns of each outlet separately. We automate the bulk order procurement based on standard recipes so that there is no chance of any human error.